Assembling the Beanshooter

Now you're ready to pull the parts together and assemble your beanshooter.

Place one end of a rubber strip through the hole in the pouch and lap it back on itself about 3/4" (2cm). Using a #16 rubber band, make four or five tight wraps around the "lapped" section... then tie the ends securely forming a hard knot. Take a second rubber strip and do the same to the other end of the pouch.

Take the free end of one of the rubber strips... lap its end over 3/4" (2cm) and place it into the notch on the fork. Use a #32 rubber band to tie this securely to the fork. Keeping the two rubber strips aligned properly... position the second like you did the first and tie securely.

You are now ready to test your trusty new BEANSHOOTER.

Now... always carry your Beanshooter in either your back pocket or under your pant-leg in your sock... 'cause you want to be ready come... quittin' time!

Securing a Fork
Preparing the Beanshooter Rubber
Making the Pouch
Assembling the Beanshooter

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