Rufus Hussey...The Beanshooter Man

This long-time favorite of boys and men alike goes by several different names...I guess, according to where you're from. Its most widely used name is probably the "Slingshot".... however, I've heard it called a "Flip", a "Juvember" (not sure of that spelling), and a "Gravel Shooter" name a few. But down in southern Randolph County, NC (home of Rufus Hussey) you'd better call it a BEANSHOOTER if you want folks to know what you're talking about.

Well...... whether you consider it an amusing toy from the past or a trusty weapon for the present, this website will endeavor to instruct you in the proper steps for making your very own BEANSHOOTER.

~ Follow these simple steps ~
1- Securing a Fork
2- Preparing the Beanshooter Rubber
3- Making the Pouch
4- Assembling the Beanshooter

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