Making the Pouch

We used to "rob" the tongue from a worn-out shoe to make the pouch for our beanshooter... but if you'd rather not do that... it's not too difficult to find scrap leather being thrown away by local businesses.

The leather should be fairly thin... yet strong (not torn easily).

Once you have secured a piece of leather... cut out a rectangle measuring 2" x 5" ( 6cm x 15cm).

Now cut a 1/4" (8mm) hole near each end. This hole should be within 1/2" (15mm) of the end. This is where you will later fasten the rubber strip.

Finally... take your scissors and round-off the corners of the rectangular pouch.

Securing a Fork
Preparing the Beanshooter Rubber
Making the Pouch
Assembling the Beanshooter

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